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Friday, 3 June 2011

it all started when..


It feels like yesterday when I thought of the first running event I participated which was the Newton 25km & 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur. The date was 26th September 2010. I was persuaded by a certain colleague by the name of Zuki to join the 12km, although he did the longer 25km. I was already pondering for a while to join one of these running events but never had the motivation to do them.

Historically in my whole life, I never ran long distance prior. Oh yes, I was a sprinter and hurdler in school (and a good one too! Tongue), and to some extent during my uni years, but I would never go beyond 400 meters. I remember taking part in a 1,500 meters event when I was 13, I swore that would be the last middle (or long?) distance event I’d ever took part in. So after 9 years away from competitive running (my last event was the inter-college 200 meters in uni in 2001), there I was, inching my way through the hilly route to complete the whole 12 kilometers of it. Little did I know that the Newton route in Kinrara is one of the most challenging running route around Klang Valley. In the end, I managed to complete the race. My chip time read 1:38:21.14 (phew! Whew) and I was placed 284th amongst 392 participants in my category. That’s top 73% finishers HAHAHAH!! I received a medal as a reward. I was like, “Wow, nombor belakang-belakang pun dapat medal?” LOL!


More runs were to follow after this. And more friends to add on Facebook! Big Grin More friends, the more inspiration you get from them. The more inspiration you get, the harder and farther you push yourself, the better you become. But at the end of the day, it’s the fun you get from running, and from the new friends you’d never thought you’d meet.

As for my running buddy Zuki, I just remember he did quite well in the 25km. And he continued to do so in the later events he joined. And he will continue to do better. I wonder how.. Tongue


  1. wahhhh sudah ada blog lari!!! congrats! kena upah makcik kerepek war war kan nih :)

  2. phewwwiiitttt, dah blogging daaa.....

  3. welcome to the gang :) and u will be as crazy, if not more, than us hahah .. keep up the good work and good luck !

  4. hehehe! :D ray,aku nak kerepek ubi sambal boleh? kak june,ni smue partly inspired by diorg2 ni la.. :P


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