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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

new balance pacesetters 15km


This year’s New Balance Pacesetters 15km was held in Putrajaya on June 5th, 2011. Flag-off was 6:30 am in front of the Palace of Justice. Weather was nice (it rained the day prior), slightly overcast, breezy, route was rather flat, organizers were awesome, definitely a recipe for a fast finish, well at least for me! Big Grin. I didn’t actually register for the event as I missed the deadline, but Pacesetters allocated another 180 additional slots for manual registration the day before the race.

I spent most of the time the night before trying to figure out how I’d run the race. I was knocked down by food poisoning a few days back. I missed 10 days of running, as the body switched off because of dehydration. I even had to give Singapore Sundown Marathon a miss the weekend before Sad. I was not sure how the body will cope after all that. So this event was quite important, to get the confidence needed before my 3rd (2nd? 3rd? 2nd?I dont know) full marathon in a full 3 weeks time. 1:30:00 was the target.

All ended well in the end. I was running at a 5:20 average pace throughout the route, which was already very fast to my standard. By the time I reached passed the finishing line, I was quite consumed, but happy because I knew then that I’ve build up all the confidence to be able to do the SCKLM. After the event, all remaining energy was focused on the familiar faces, and the camera! Camera

Official time was 1:20:35. Position, 89th. Big Grin


  1. wah terdasyat..tahniah

    p.s. takde cerita pasal makcik keropok lari ke?

  2. heheheh!sape pulok le makcik keropok nih.. :D

  3. Wow! Terhebak Jambu pace, sampaikan Avatar pun nak cangkuk time SCKLM nanti! Kalau PB time SCKLM, kita celebrit makan keropok 30 kilo!

  4. U did well, really well that day :-)

  5. hahaha cessss ko deo..aku yg nak mencangkuk die..tbalik ko nihh.. :P

  6. laju tu :) and dont forget to drop by my station at km 36 ok!! see ya

  7. la, cikaro ni rupanya...
    fuh, power to beb lari...apa rahsianya..

  8. kak june:hehehe..mesti singgah punyeeee..
    ijam:cikaro ehhhhh..rahsia die,train ngan korg la..ape lagi.. :P

  9. waaa amat laju! cikaro ya? hehe


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