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Sunday, 19 June 2011

the xtra mile run – Hail Alex!


The Xtra Mile Run, a charity run to raise fund for StART Society, an academy serving the underprivileged children located in PJ, successfully achieved its objectives yesterday with. The superstar, Alex, completed his 100 km, in 17 hours plus, stopping at various check points to the cheers of his crew, members of the public, fellow pacers, runners, volunteers, supporters, and the campaign achieved its target of RM100,000 pledged for the cause. The run was truly an enjoyable one, and I am glad I took part (as did Irwan, KC, KA, Karen, Syah, Azhar, Shanaz, Nana, Azu, Alvin, Azril, Hafeez, and others) supporting Alex during the Kelana Jaya – TTDI route. Runners were providing constant support to him by cheering (it was Nana mostly! Hyper! Winking), singing songs, quizzes (name a country which starts with mehhh.. Big Grin), in which he too participated. Such spirit for a man who had run 30, 40, 50 km or so!

DSC03901 Us waiting for Alex and his entourage in KJ

DSC03942 One of the placards

DSC03948 At the StART Society

Alex’s final couple of kilometers were joined by children from StART Society, and students of Carolyn’s School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, owned and managed by Alex’s sister, Carolyn Au-Yong, who if you remember, a member of the Malaysia’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, who won gold at the KL ‘98 Commonwealth Games. The sight of him smiling from ear-to-ear, next to his sister, running with these children, the main reason he organized this event, was a satisfying, at the same time, a moving one.

Congratulations to Alex, the whole of his crew, who did a superb job of keeping him in check, the pacers, the forerunners, the sweepers, the volunteer runners who never fail to cheer, the sponsors, to those who held up motivational placards, the traffic police, local authorities, those who pledged, and everyone else who has been there since the very beginning, and ensured the event a success. His feat will always be an inspiration to everyone involved directly and indirectly. It’s not really the distance, or the timing this time that matters, but it’s his will, his belief and his spirit that will become a benchmark for everyone. Salute! Happy

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