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Sunday, 31 July 2011

‘king of pop’ fever spotted in putrajaya!

Last night’s Men’s Health/Shape Night Run was also graced by beautiful, hotties commemorating the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson who passed away in June 29 2009. These fun runners, Shanaz, Nana, Azu and Marlin, ran in the 12.3km category, wearing a white top with ‘We Red heart MJ’ printed on it, with suspenders, glove on one hand and a fedora to top it up. The idea was to celebrate MJ’s birthday next month on the 29th, 53 years back, but since it would be during the fasting month, so they decided to bring it a month in advance. There were no fun in their finishing time though, all of them with uber fast timings! Surprised smile

*grabbed crotch* AWWWWW!!! Hot smile Enjoy the ‘bad’ pics guys! Winking smile

Nana with her running pose

(L-R): Nana, Shanaz, Marlin, Azu

Nana doing an MJ signature pose

Shanaz and Nana

The 4 ‘MJ’ girls

Me with Azu and Nana

Shanaz ‘trying’ her very best to emulate the King, while on the phone, while walking, while TSB’s walking behind, while trying to pose, while..


Who wouldn’t want to take photos with ‘em! Nyah-Nyah

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