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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

siemens run 2011

Siemens Run 2011This year’s Siemens Run was held on 25 September 2011. It was originally scheduled for 9 July 2011, but it was postponed at that time for safety reasons, due to the Bersih 2.0 demo, or so they say, which occurred in the heart of KL.

The flag off was at Dataran Merdeka, where I feel the area is already the spiritual home for running events in Kuala Lumpur. There were not many familiar faces this time, most of them opting to run in the River Jungle Marathon in Hulu Langat.

I was not mentally ready for this one. My training had been sporadic since Aidilfitri. No more what used to be running every other day, to keep up with the training schedule, and keep consistent mileages every week. The  I was not even aware that there were limited medals available (some say 250, others said 300), so I had to make sure I complete the whole course as quickly as possible. My personal best over a 10km distance is 52 minutes, so a target time of 50-55 minutes would be able to nick it. Nerd smile Simple math would give you a 5:30-ish pace to achieve the time. To get a PeeBee here, while it could be achieved, was a bit too far-fetched.


The route was different from last year’s. Perhaps this was due to another event, the Pudu Charity Run (or was it? Smile with tongue out) which used the route. Or maybe the organizer needed the difference to make it interesting, I don’t know. As usual I did not really remember the details of the route, just bits and pieces of it. Rolling on the floor laughing One thing I remembered quite clearly was the carnival-like atmosphere along Jalan TAR. There were groups of traditional music groups stationed at various places, playing aloud their tunes, giving the runners timely push towards the finishing line. Hope next time they play throughout the route! Smile with tongue out

According to my Garmin I completed the race in 55 minutes 43 seconds. The position card given showed #225. Smile with tongue out Official results showed it was 55:35. Not my best, but considering the preparations, I thought I did okay. Smile And to think exactly one year ago (yes it was my first time running in a race! Birthday cake) I clocked 1:38 in Newton 12km, I would easily take this one! Hot smile

The Medal

After the race Azu and I caught up with the Chap Ayam runners. A few photo sessions later we were given a breakfast treat by Uncle Onn at the Royal Selangor Club. My first time there, someone’s paying, there are no other choices, but to eat!!a lot!! Winking smile Thanks Uncle Onn!

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