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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

adidas king of the road 2011


I signed immediately when the event was announced few months back. Little did I know that the course would be part of the NPE which would be dull and had the potential to bore me to death. Smile with tongue out

The day started early as the plan was to be at Sunway around 5 am, as the roads leading there would be closed by then. True enough, when we reached there the NPE was already closed. We had to park a distance away at Sunway Mentari, where limited parking slots were available.

Before Race

The runners’ assembly area were filled with familiar faces. The G’s this time decided to wear black top with camouflage running skirts, which made them look like they are going to entertain the American army boys in Afghanistan or something. Open-mouthed smile LOL! Kidding girls. But without doubt, they attracted the most attention, making it easier to get yourself into the camera if you’re with them.

The 16.8 km category flagged off at 6:45am. Due to the nature of the route, I decided not to push myself too much for this one. After all, the finisher medals were not limited here as with the previous races. A target finish time of 1:40-ish, meaning an easy-peasy pace of just below 6 mins/km would suffice. Be right back Crowd was aplenty, and it took us 4-5 minutes to reach the start line after the gun went off.

The route was dull yes, it was a straight 2.5 km and back..and another 6km or so and back to the finish line, making it a full 16.8 km loop. But the rolling inclines made it quite a challenge. There were a number of them, and although the gradient was not big, but they were long and would punish your legs and brain if you’re not used to it! Crying face

The organization of the race was smooth. The water stations were aptly placed every 3 km, exactly like mentioned in the runners’ guide. Weather was also okay, except the humidness which caused you to want to drink a lot. Well, it’s Malaysia what do you expect! Sun

After 1 hour and 36 minutes of running, I finally crossed the finishing line. It’s always nice when you finish and then someone put the medal around your neck, saying “Congratulations, you did well!”, regardless you finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd, or even 250th, or 2,500th! Makes you feel it was worth it. Good to also know there are many who achieved their PeeBees in the race. Congratulations to them.


Oh, by the way, I so love the medal! Winking smile

The Medal

The after-race activities were always the best. Meeting with friends, making new friends, the photos, and of course, always the food..THE food! Hot smile A memorable one this one. Now to the more serious 12 days, TNF!! Surprised smile

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  1. Well done bro tapi tak blh boring with long straight route sbb nanti ultra, it's more than 5 times NPE heheheh


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