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Thursday, 13 October 2011

trail weekend in Singapore! :D and a birthday to celebrate..


In the next three days, I will not only be doing 1 trail race, but 2 trail races on the island of Singapore. This Saturday, Nana and I are partnering for the team InYourFace, together with a host of avid runner friends will hit the trails of Singapore in the 2011 TNF100 (The North Face 100). The Singapore Leg will be the 4th of its kind to be held in the Asia Pacific region, after the Philippines, Taiwan and Australia. The final 2 legs will be held in Japan (November) and Thailand (TBC, most probably in February 2012). There are 3 main categories here in Singapore; 100km Solo, 100km Duo, and 50km Duo. The many crazy ones Peace Sign are doing the 100km Solo, or running half century distance with their partner to complete the 100km Duo. Ray and Deo, Syah and Kash, Ijam and Ian, Frank and Jeff, are some of the prominent ones doing this. Yim and Karen meanwhile, will try to do the unthinkable. They will bring their Running for Orang Asli cause up to a new level by attempting to finish the 100km Duo, then fly back to Putrajaya in time for the Putrajaya Night Marathon. That’s 2 full marathons in 24 hours! Madness!! Surprise Oh by the way, their video is up in the running in a competition, please vote for their cause here.

We will run the 50km Duo (of course!! Tongue), anything above a full marathon distance is still beyond my logic at the moment! So Nana and I, Shanaz and Irwan, Selly and Agus…ermm, maybe next year? or the leg after this? TNF Thailand? Big Grin

100km Solo & Duo Map100km Solo & Duo Route

50km Duo Map50km Duo Route

The next day a few of us will be running in another trail race, the New Balance Real Run 2011. Not to be overshadowed by the more illustrious event in TNF, the Real Run is quite interesting where participants will run on different surfaces over the course. 10km; 2km Trail, 1.5km Sand, 6.5km Road. I guess this will be more of a recovery run for some of us, after the grueling experience the day before. But for Azu, this will be your birthday run yeah!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Birthday CakeParty

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  1. Waaa!! Good luck bro! Tapi ko siap laa nanti Deo kata: apa barang 50? Hahahaha


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