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Sunday, 25 December 2011

2011 :D

2011 marks my first full year running. As it draws to a close, I can’t help to feel, that I am quite proud of what I have accomplished over the past 12 months. There were a few disappointments (but not failures Thumbs up) of course, but most of the time they were compensated by the presence of the dearest of people around me. And more often than not, it made me stronger and more motivated every time.

My running diary started as early as in January with the Putrajaya Twilight Challenge, a brainchild of fellow runners Irwan and Shanaz, to compensate the lack of running events around KL that time. After that, all the other events, just came in naturally. Open-mouthed smile In numbers, I participated in 22 events; 2 of them Full Marathons, 1 Full Marathon minus 3km (???), 5 Half Marathons and competed in my first multi-sport race came in the form of the Malakoff Powerman Malaysia 2011 in Manjung. I even managed to DNS Sundown Marathon in May. I was also lucky not to DNF TNF100 due to fatigue.

DSC_0993Medals closest to my heart in 2011 – SCKLM, TNF100 Singapore, Powerman Malaysia, BIM Thumbs up

There were many memorable moments throughout, however one that will stand out among the rest (well, BIM and finishing my maiden Powerman came in quite close! Smile) would be my Personal Best in the StanChart KL Marathon. No doubt I was more prepared for this one than the two Full Marathons prior, but it was made sweeter because of the time it took me – about 7 months since I started running – to achieve such timing. Only a month before I was running in agony in my first Full Marathon (although the distance did not suggest it was a valid FM), with a time of slightly below 5:30 hours. At SCKLM, I was celebrating! Open-mouthed smile

Amidst all the euphoria, it will also be a year of remembrance for a dear friend who sadly passed away on 13 October 2011. Kharis Idris, or fondly remembered as Tuan Senang Besar, TSB succumbed to heart attack during his morning run in PJ. Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham TSB.

remembering TSB

Another one which deserves mention was the passing of Andrew Voon on 18 June 2011. Andrew, who had been the driving force for the Borneo International Marathon since its inception, also collapsed while doing his routine run at the Likas Stadium in his home-state of Sabah. It was a big loss to the running community there.

I believe 2012 promises to be an even more exciting running year for me. But 2011 was so high of a benchmark that it would be difficult to match it. But hey, with the type of people you have around, motivation is just a snap of your fingers away right? Open-mouthed smile To the Gs, the Chap Ayams, the Adinations, those in kain pelekats, those in shorts, skirts, skorts, compression pants, to those who ran as far as New York or Berlin, to as near as Segambut, or in the beautiful trails of Sabah, to all my running, cycling, triathlon, biathlon, duathlon, apa-apalon friends, thanks for all the encouragements, all the motivation, all the support, thanks for making everyone a winner. For 2012, let’s rock it!! Hot smile


  1. Lets welcome 2012 with a bang! More running! Less injury!

  2. A great year to you, bro. Well done! Wish you all the best in 2012 with more speedier races to come!

  3. Macam ucapan pilihanraya daa...

    Aku berbesar hati kenal orang power macam Izuan. 2012 - God speed, bro

  4. It's been a great year of running, cycling and making friends for you :) A lot has been achieved and here's to wishing for an even better one next year. You'll rock 2012, kitak... ;)

  5. Mas: yeah let's..take good care of that body of yours yeah! :D

    Deo: thanks boss! by the time i'm speedier, all the others are already speedierer..kehkehkeh! :P

    Syah: biase la..kan tahon depan.. :P thanks bro, good knowing you too.. :)

    Kitak: yeah i will! eeeeeeee..eksyen! :P make sure you rock it too yeah! :D *hugs*

  6. still remember the first day that we met at putrajaya twilight challenge ;P you did awesome this year idola!

    and thanks for being my tnf partner... next year again mau? ;)

    let's have more fun in 2012! :)

    i also nak *hugs* ;P


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