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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

malakoff run kl 12km 2011 – of pirates and santas :)


Being an event so close to the end of 2011, the Malakoff Run KL is always the preferred choice for runners to finalize their running diaries, and reflect on the accomplishments achieved throughout the year. The same goes for myself, the target was to better my timing, and have more fun than I did the last time I was here.

Last year’s photo..hehehe.. Open-mouthed smile

This year’s event was not much different from last year’s. Venue was still the same, crowd swelled this time to about 3,000 participants, the organization was still awesome, thanks to Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia (PACM) and the weather was splendid. What was different was that this time, I have more friends around me, and thanks to Irwan, this time I ran with a Christmas tree on top of my head!! Nyah-Nyah The Gs meanwhile, this time went on the hunt for Jack Sparrow, donning their pirate hats and eye patches. Keeping the photographers happy eh! Winking smile Oh yeah, good to see some unexpected faces too; my ex-UTM mate Azril Amil, and colleague, Rosyamin. Hopefully this won’t be your last. Smile

The venue was buzzing with carnival-like atmosphere when we arrived. Anticipation and excitement were apparent among the participants, some seasoned, some new ones. The daunting route failed to dampen the festive spirits, many can be seen wearing the Santa hat. For the record, there were 7 killer inclines for the 12km runners (4 for the 7km runners) to torture their legs on. For avid runners, the Beringin loop, as it is famously called (Ammah hills in Kinrara is another one), is an ideal place to train and strengthen the legs.

Carrying the whole Christmas tree in a 12km run is crazy! Smile with tongue out

The event started with the women’s 12km category being flagged off first, followed by men’s 12km 10 minutes later. My timing in 2010 was officially recorded 1:13:06.8, quite a feat for a newbie that time. This year I believed I could lower it down to below 1:05, although the prospect of the hills might hamper the effort. The race started well for me, with the pace at around 5:30-ish. Maintaining it was the challenge though, as the first incline was as early as the first 500 meters, right after the Securities’ Commission building.

Damn those hills!

Well, long story short, 7 killer hills (damn those hills! Punch) later, after all the huffs and puffs, the smiles and laughs, plenty of poses for the cameras, gulps of Gatorade, and 1 hour and 5 minutes later (according to my ever reliable Garmin Forerunner 610 (advert! Open-mouthed smile)), I crossed the finish line. Distance was well short at 11.36km, but I guess the hills made up for it.


Happy? Well, I was glad I achieved my target, as the official time which was released a day after (that was fast eh..kudos to the organizers) read 1:04:58.76. That’s below my target right! Smile with tongue out But, there were apparent weaknesses in my running, especially when doing inclines. Although I did not resort to walking while going uphill, but my pace dropped significantly to 7-ish, which affected the timing. Something to take note for 2012. Time to hit the gym? Monitor diet? Strengthen the cores? Ah, I might as well. Sick smile

So, there goes. Another race done, and that was the last for 2011. The next post will probably be the summary and reflections of my running journey this year. I might not improve as much as I wanted, but I’m glad that I have improved. Can’t wait for 2012. I know, something better is in store! Bring it on! Open-mouthed smile Oh yeah, enjoy the after race photos! Open-mouthed smile

Pirate Gs!AHOY! Smile with tongue out

With the Pirates! You gotta love Nana for her poses! Open-mouthed smile

Seriously, I don’t know what Selly was trying to do there.. Open-mouthed smile

Happy laaaa Smile with tongue out

Zuki timed 54 minutes, placed 19th. CRAZY!

With SBR Abg. Shariff Smile Always inspirational

Azu & Irwan

With schoolmate Moon, improving with each event

With the Chap Ayams Smile

With Kimi and Zuki

I think they have better medals this year compared to last year, don’t you think?

See all of you in 2012! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Syabas inspektor Sahab. PB berbukit yang cemerlang. Tabik 800 kali!

    p/s. Seriously, 2010 muka skema giler! ekekekek :]

  2. cissss sempat juge ko mengutuk aku ye dalam pujian..mase tu xde 'lanun' lagi bro.. :P

    tapi aku maseh xpuas ati xdapat pita tu..xpe next year next year.. :D

  3. patut kasut aku hilang ari tu...rupanya ada lanun

  4. Fuiiyohh! Timing 12km ko macam timing 10km aku hahahaha...
    Congrats and weldan bro, persembahan yang mantap di route berbukit tu.

  5. Awesome job bro reducing the time :)

  6. ahahaahha..xsmpi pon 12km zack..700m kurang.. :P

    thanks zack n mas :D

  7. Aku paling suka pose Captain hehehe... tapi dasat lah route ni sampai 7 killer hills, tak sanggup lah aku nak cuba, baik aku buat MR25 je dah le hehehehe. Congrats bro!

  8. Captain leaps geram tu sbb ade insiden.. :D

  9. Oooh. Kutuk I ek. Idola, last year ur babyfat sedikit obvious. Just saying...
    xoxo, La Capitana del G ;)

  10. hehehe..babyfat u skrg pulak timbul kan Captain..ooppsss.. :P

    xoxoxo jugak! :D

  11. fuyoh lajunya... congrats yo!!! next year sub-1 okeh :p

  12. Saw u frist time during malakoff last year..tah sape tah mamat panjang nih...
    This year dah jadi idola...mmg dahsat la oiii

  13. aini:next year sub-1 ye..hmmmm..mcm best je kale tdo.. :P

    KayDee:tu lah kan..tup2 dah setahon..u maseh kat sabah lagi..ekekekek.. :P


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